Thank you for visiting the site of National Palace Museum Library (hereafter called “this Site”) on the World Wide Web! To ensure the safety of your personal information when using the services provided by this Site, we would like to inform you of the measures that have been adopted as follows:

Collection and Use of Personal Information

When you participate in any online or related services on this Site, you may be asked to provide personal or other information. All such information collected by this Site, as stipulated by the laws of the Republic of China, will be used for services provided by the National Palace Museum and not be arbitrarily revealed to any third party. In addition, when you use this Site, the following information will automatically be collected: your time and date of use, Site pages visited, Internet provider address, type of browser, and type of activity conducted (such as downloading) and whether it was successfully completed. This information may be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this Site, and we may also monitor websites that result in undue load or activity on this Site.

Information Safety and Protection

The equipment installed at the National Palace Museum includes all the protection deemed necessary for web browsing, such as a firewall, intruder alert system, anti-virus system, and other related information safety measures. These are meant to prevent unlawful network intrusion and/or damage as well as any appropriation of information contained in this Site. Please be assured that when you use any functions of the services provided by this Site, your information stored herein will be protected to the fullest extant possible.

Policy on e-Newsletters and e-Mail from and to This Site

After subscription, this Site will send e-newsletters to you on a regular basis. This Site will indicate that the e-newsletter was sent by the National Palace Museum , and you may also choose through this Site to cancel your subscription at any time. When you send e-mail to the Museum, please note that this Site does not provide encryption. If your e-mail includes any sensitive information, you may wish to post it by registered regular mail instead of electronically.

Measures for Self Protection

As a reminder to you, please protect your personal information and passwords at all times. To protect your rights, please do not give your personal information, especially passwords, to any third party.

Last updated on: 2021-06-01
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